St. George MX Park - SGMX: Motoproving Ground St. George MX Park - SGMX: Motoproving Ground

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Welcome to the Motoproving Ground

St. George Motoproving ground MX track located just minutes from downtown St. George. At nearly 20 acres, the park offers something for motorcyclist everywhere. The track is dynamic and has over a mile of elevation changes, rhythm sections, whoops, and tabletops that can be safely negotiated by beginners, but still challenges intermediates and pros. Enjoy an afternoon listening to the music and experiencing the amazing homemade concessions of Café MX, it’s a treat you’ll savor.

SGMX accepts cash and credit cards however NO checks. Spectators are always free on practice days, unless it's an Loretta Lynn area qualifier event.

Utah's only facility featuring a Mega Ramp, FMX coarse and Endrucross

Fuel for your moto:
Cafe MX is open every practice and race day to fuel you for your motos! Great home cooking including their infamous Chicken Taco's, homemade corn dogs, breakfast burritos and more!

Visit the Contact page to get in touch with us regarding holding your next event at SGMX

Always ripped, prepped and watered!

SGMX is generally open Saturday's from September until April closing down for the summer months due to the extreme temperatures this time of year.

Map to track:

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5536 So Desert Canyon Parkway-St. George, UT
- Exit 1-15 at Exit 2, Southern Parkway (Airport).
- Travel East on Southern Parkway for 6 miles, Exit on Desert Canyons.
- Exit on Desert Canyons Parkway, Exit 6, take a left (North) on DC Parkway and proceed under the overpass.
- Follow Desert Canyon Parkway as road makes a left turn and heads west.
- Travel ½ mile through a wash and continue on the gravel road, past Red Rock Wake Park (on the left) until you arrive at SGMX track.



St. George Inn and Suites is a sponsor of SGMX and offers discounts to riders coming to town.

Track Rules:

Entrants, Riders and Participants are required to know and understand the rules and regulation which cover all ST. GEORGE MX PARK hereafter known as SGMX events and are (by reason of their entry) definitely bound by such rules and regulations. Each participant in competition has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects of track facilities and conditions and MUST assume the risk of competition.

  1. All riders and/or parent or guardian must sign the appropriate release forms provided by SGMX prior to entering the track. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian present to sign all waiver and release papers. If said parent or guardian will not be present to sign all waivers and releases SGMX has a wavier on the website you can print. It must be filled out and notarized with a copy of their driver’s license for you to be able to ride or race at SGMX. If you do not have a parent or guardian present or the form filled out you will not be allowed to ride or race.
  2. There is a 15 MPH speed limit on the access road and 5 MPH speed limit in the pits. If the speed limit is broken the rider associated with the violator will be subject to disqualification, asked to leave the facility immediately and banned from the track until review by the SGMX track board.
  3. If any rider or crew member of a rider is caught leaving the fenced area of the facility on a motorcycle they will be subject to disqualification and asked to leave the premises immediately. They will be banned from the track until review by the SGMX track board. The violator will also be considered a trespasser punishable to the fullest extent of the local laws.
  4. Accessing the park without signing a waiver whether the park is open or closed is also considered trespassing and punishable to the fullest extent of the local law.
  5. All PETS brought to the track must be on a leash no longer than 8’. If your pet is able to approach a passerby and injures that person you will be responsible for any medical or legal expenses that may arise. You are also required to clean up after your pet. If you cannot abide by these rules please leave your pet at home.
  6. All riders must have boots to the knee, proper helmet (DOT approved), eye and full arm and leg coverage.
  7. NO spectators are allowed on the track at any time. (The only exception will be one parent or legal guardian of an entered 50cc rider. No other access will be allowed without a permit obtained thru SGMX, i.e. press, medical, photographers etc.).
  8. No one except riders officially entered may ride or practice on the race course during the day’s events.
    THE RIDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF HIS/HER PARENTS, MECHANICS OR ANYONE ELSE ASSOCIATED WITH HIM/HER. SGMX reserves the right to refuse entry or participation to anyone including their right to enter the property where the event is being presented.
  9. Any foul riding, unnecessary bumping, crowding, lack of caution, blocking, course cutting or other unsportsmanlike conduct at an SGMX event is grounds for disqualification or penalty as determined by the SGMX race official and/or competition committee.
  10. Any verbal harassment or physical abuse will be grounds for permanent disqualification for those riders or parties involved.
  11. SGMX reserves the right to refuse sign up or entrance to the track.
  12. SGMX Park has a 10:00 P.M. noise curfew; it will be enforced by SGMX staff. (Please be considerate of the athletes parked around you)

2016 AMA Information

Race Rules:
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National Class Structure:
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2016-2017 SGMX Information

Minor Release Waiver Form:
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#SGMXmoto86 Series Class Structure:
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